Need Staff

Helping companies find the top candidate for a low cost recruitment agency fee

The job market is an ever changing landscape. We have hundreds of candidates each week who registers with us looking for work. We are constantly updating our database of candidates so that we can respond quickly to your needs.

We understand that all businesses want two important things from a low cost recruitment agency.

  • Top Candidates- An affordable recruitment service that's able to find and delivers great candidates.
  • Low cost recruitment fees - Reasonable and affordable cost.


Job Detail

Dekro provides quick, easy and affordable recruitment services for small to medium business. We have experienced consultants ready to assist.


We are able to help clients from all parts of Melbourne identify and hire top candidates every day for a low cost and reasonable rate. Our consultants are knowledgeable and are up to date with the latest trends on different roles and industries. We deliver high-quality results and services. Through our standard procedures and process, our professional team will help you to find the right top candidate for the vacancy according to their field of expertise and skillset.

If you have a single vacancy to fill or are looking for advice on harder-to-fill vacancies, multiple vacancies or vacancies in more than one location we are only an email or call away and ready to help.