Reception / Admin

There are so many candidates out there looking for work in reception and admin but
there are also many roles out there for them to choose from. So how do you find the
best fit for your team and how do you convince them to come on board?

That’s where Dekro can help.

Our approach is all about finding not only the experience but the best fit for you and your
business and then doing what we do best and selling the benefits of working with you.
You may not even know the full extent of what your business has to offer compared to
your competitors.
Let our consultant come and have a chat. We know what to ask and we know what your
competitors are offering. We can set you up to attract the best possible staff in this
important field.

Do you love being the face and voice of a company or would you prefer the back office
data entry and accounts work? We have roles to suit people with all sorts of previous
experience. Full time, part time or casual – let us know what suits you best and we will

match you with a company and role that is looking for the same. Get in touch and we’ll
help you advance in your career.