What the team at Dekro learned more than ever in the month of April was the importance of the
need for speed.

Businesses have been forced to adapt and change quickly to various market conditions and be ready
to maximise opportunities when they arise.

Making the right decisions and making them quickly has never been more important. Recruiters and
candidates have had to adapt accordingly.

On multiple occasions during the month of April the team at Dekro were able fill senior positions
with turnaround times of less than 24 hours from initial brief to job offer. Being contactable ( two
of the initial briefs were given after hours) and having a strong network of available candidates were
keys to our success.

Candidates have to be ready as well!! Answering phones or returning calls quickly was vital in the
process of our placed candidates and their flexibility in being available for face to face and/or Zoom
interviews equally as much. Some experienced candidates missed these amazing job opportunities
simply by returning our calls a day later.

Our clients had the confidence to decide what staff they needed, provide a detailed brief and backed
themselves to select the right candidates quickly in order for their business to adapt and continue to
handle the challenges faced.

The need for speed has never been more important for business, recruiters and candidates.

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